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About Us

pbdev.id is a community of PowerBuilder progammer esspecially in Indonesia. The need of sharing and search more informartion about  PowerBuilder make us form pbdev.id as a vessel to bring people together with same purpose.

Content is where we are giving and sharing many things about video, blog and even tutorial.

We have a lot of videos to share with you guys. It is consist of many things about PowerBuilder

We are sharing a lot of information about PowerBuilder, which are resources, acitivity and other things.



What is coaching?

We provide coaching activity that can help individually and group in terms of better understanding about PowerBuilder


There are a lot of activities in pbdev.id which are, Training, Seminar, Consultation, Workshop and many more.


In this community we held many event to support our fellow progammer.


In Indonesia Sharing can be translate to Kopdar (Kopi Darat) Which means we meet each other have a light conversation about PowerBuilder.


Usually we go to some places to have a medium kind of conversation about PowerBuilder


Many incridible things that we can share here. From very simple software to complex application also resource and framework.


We also have training, Recruitmen and an Assigment for all ...

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