PB dw2xls for version 12.6

PB dw2xls for version 12.6
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  • Create Date 03/08/2020
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powerbuilder component that demonstrate how to save datawindow content to excel file for powerbuiler version 11
download free library PBL source code to enrich your powerbuilder development project and make it great and fun programming


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  1. Masih Belum bisa export , tommbol export script seperti ini
    Adakah yang harus di seeting lg

    integer li_ret
    n_dwr_service_parm lnvo_parm
    lnvo_parm = create n_dwr_service_parm
    lnvo_parm.ib_header = false //skip header band
    lnvo_parm.ib_summary = false //skip summary band
    lnvo_parm.ib_footer = false //skip footer band
    lnvo_parm.ib_group_header = false //skip all group headers
    lnvo_parm.ib_group_trailer = false //skip all group trailers

    li_ret = uf_save_dw_as_excel_parm(dw_1, ‘c:\doc\report.xls’, lnvo_parm)
    if li_ret = 1 then
    messagebox( “Save As Excel”, “Successfully saved to ‘”)
    messagebox( “Save As Error”, “Could not save to Excel file”)

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